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TKC is most popular for the premium quality dental veneers and crowns we make. We have placed thousands of non-prep veneers and ceramic crowns and continue changing patients’ smiles. Patients travel from overseas and across the UK to specifically have this treatment with us.

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Design with distinction

Doctor Sheraz Aleem is a well-known leading Smile Design dentist who practices by the principle of uncompromising quality, innovation, and non-invasive dentistry. He is the only one who offers premium quality, non-prep veneers(no shaving of natural teeth). Dr Aleem also performs a non-damaging removal of old units with state-of-the-art technology, a Waterlase laser system.

  • Non-invasive

  • Hand-crafted in California

  • Pain-Free

  • Microscopic technology, excellent precision

  • Waterlase laser: Non-damaging removal of old units

  • Mock-up trial available

  • Lifelike results

Feldspathic lifelike veneers at The Knightsbridge Clinic

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Premium veneer made by a master ceramist in California
Porcelain Veneers at the Knightsbridge Clinic
The highest quality porcelain veneers by Dr Sheraz Aleem

Impeccable Detailing

Each unit is hand-made and crafted to perfection. Excellent detailing in every step of the way: Translucency, Shape, Size, Texture, Gloss, Colour, Tailored to suit your facial structure and requirements. Function and look like natural teeth.

Top Quality

Hand-made by one of the only 37 Master Ceramist in the world accredited by AACD who exclusively works with Dr Aleem in the UK.

Customised Process

From start to finish your journey is tailored to you. You are fully informed and we only do the final unit placement when we are all content with the outcome.


Dr Aleem and our technician have many years of experience and are able to provide patients with natural looking results where the units mimic the anatomy of the tooth, the bite is also cleverly considered so the units do not compromise on the biting abilities of the tooth.


Our lab technician makes feldspathic ceramic units, ultra thin veneers which when bonded on the tooth looks like a natural tooth and does not have a”bulky”, artificial appearance.

The right veneers can change your smile, facial structure and make you look younger

Who is suitable?

Patients with cosmetic concerns
Patients seeking to improve their smile
Patients with gaps in between teeth, small or too big teeth, too short teeth, crooked, crowded teeth, worn out teeth or discolored teeth
Patients who want to improve the colour of their teeth.

What are Veneers and Crowns?

A veneer is thin layer of material that covers the front of the tooth. A crown covers the weak tooth completely and protects it.

Value for money

This high quality veneers and crowns are specifically designed to look natural, function like natural teeth and provide patients with a long-term solution. 0% Finance is available along with in-house payment plans. Patients also get 12 months free of charge reviews and a long-term guarantee.

Custom finish, case planning and veneers placement with

TKC Master Ceramist Craig Galbraith

Over 30 years of experience

Alan wanted to improve his smile with non-cutting porcelain veneers. Craig our California based ceramist visited us in our Knightsbridge branch to perform custom-finish to this case. Watch to see how minimal changes make such big difference. Be sure to check the video of the placement to see the final result. Just notice how each Smile Design case takes a lot of planning. We truly believe in involving the patient in the process to achieve what is best for them in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Non-cutting Feldspathic veneers Hand-made in California by Craig. One of the very few AACD accredited members in the world with over 30 years of experience.

After Alan had a discussion with our Master Ceramist Craig, the custom finishes were applied(watch the Video in our Smile Design Series), then Dr Aleem started placing the veneers.
The Feldspathic veneers are non-cutting, therefore there is no damage to the natural teeth and the process is entirely pain-free. Additionally, it is completely reversible since the natural teeth are untouched.
Another incredible case by the artistic duo Dr Aleem and Craig. We are delighted with the final result.
TKC veneers are completely tailor-made according to each case and Dr Aleem is the only one offering this quality of veneers in the UK and Europe. Craig has over 30 years of experience and is one of the very few accredited members of AACD in the world-exceptionally talented and skilful.

Peter is a fantastic patient who unfortunately had two sets of veneers before he came to us to get them replaced and changed to new veneers. Craig, our California based ceramist, visited us in our Knightsbridge(London) branch. The case is extremely interesting and Peter is asking some really good questions.

Peter’s old veneers were removed with Waterlase laser, Zero damage to his natural teeth. Then they were replaced by hand-made feldspathic veneers that look and feel natural unlike his previous ones. Peter is also wearing braces on his bottom teeth before a new set of veneers are made and placed.

Peter made a very good point that the patient is often unaware of what the lab would do and he unfortunately was disappointed twice. That is why Dr Aleem believes in communicating and involving the patient in the process. Each case takes a lot of time not just in the making but also in the planning. We simply believe that each case shall take as much as it needs to to achieve what is best for the patient in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

This case is completely non-prep. Therefore no-damage to natural teeth.

Craig Galbraith is one of the very few AACD accredited members in the world, with over 30 years of experience. He takes pride in what he does and has an exquisite eye for details.


Dr Sheraz Aleem discusses TKC customised veneers. All you need to know before you get veneers.

 Case: 12 upper arch Feldspathic Veneers, Dental Implants and Implant Crowns

Case: Full Uppers arch Non-cutting Veneers. Individually hand-crafted units

 Case: 12 Feldspathic Veneers and Gum Contour. Zero Damage to Natural Teeth

Say NO to Shark Teeth(Turkey Teeth). Don’t get your natural teeth shaved

The Unique Smile Design

by Dr Aleem

Experience High-end Dentistry

Make an impact with your after SMILE

Porcelain Veneers beforePorcelain Veneers after

This patient had severely worn out teeth, a complex case that involved minimal and non-prep veneers.

Before Veneers The Knightsbridge Clinicafter Veneers The Knightsbridge Clinic

This patient came to us wanting to replace her old veneers. You can see the clear difference between the solid one colour old veneers and our TKC custom-made veneers. Completely non-invasive removal of the old veneers and damage free placement of the new ones.

Watch Dr Aleem removing old ceramic units with a Waterlase laser without damaging the natural teeth. This patient travelled from Denmark to specifically have this treatment.

Jon had a Waterlase laser treatment with our periodontist. After his gum healed, he then had 10 non-cutting porcelain veneers with Dr Aleem.
What our patients say

I’ve had a dead front tooth that turned dark and showed through my gums. I’ve seen several dentists and no-one could offer me the right solution for my smile make over. However, Dr. Sheraz convinced me to go with a full ceramic implant and to renew my existing veneers. This was the best decision. Dr. Sheraz uses the latest technology in his clinic. For example, he uses a Waterlase Laser to remove old veneers without causing any damages to your existing teeth, he uses full ceramic implants from Switzerland and works with top leading dental ceramists in Amercia. He has something you can’t pay for and that’s pride in his work. He has a great eye for detail and was patient throughout the whole process and made sure I was happy with my result.

Elsa Kansal – Google Review

Visiting from overseas or outside of London

Are you based outside of London or overseas? Many patients travel to see Dr Aleem for his signature veneers and crowns. You can book virtual consultation first and then at clinic appointment. We will help you arrange your visit and organise appointments so it is as convenient as possible. 

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