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Restore the shape and the strength of your tooth

Do you want a long-lasting solution done in one appointment only? Doctor Aleem uses the Cerec Sirona machine to take 3D scans and produce ceramic units that match the exact shape and size of your teeth. Whether you need a dental crown, an implant crown, an inlay, or an onlay- this is a fast and cost-effective way to achieve an aesthetic and functional smile.

Whether you simply would like a Cerec restoration or you have an emergency, such as: root canal, chipped tooth, broken tooth, fallen out crown and more, the Cerec restorations might be a suitable and fast solution for you. Please, get in touch to find out more.

Who is suitable?

  • Chipped teeth

  • Need a crown on back teeth

  • Fallen crown/veneer

  • Damaged/worn out teeth

  • Post root canal restoration

Same day pain-free cerec crowns

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Same day crowns, inlays and onlays at the Knightsbridge Clinic


All completed in one appointment

Pin point accuracy
No temporary restorations required

David’s Life-Changing Story

David is a rugby player who had a running accident. His front two teeth were in a bad state and he was looking for a fast solution. He came in to see Dr Aleem. He had same day dental implant as well same day Cerec Sirona Crown placed. They match his teeth perfectly and David was pretty happy with the outcome. All done in one appointment and what a difference!

How do I know if a same-day cerec crown or a porcelain crown is better?

This is a very good and common question. The short answer is that you should see Dr Aleem to get his expert opinion. When it comes to comparing the two types of crowns we offer, the main difference is how they are made. The same-day cerec crown is designed, made and placed in a single day. It is made of a single ceramic block, therefore in terms of detailing; it lacks compared to the porcelain crowns from our lab in California. The latter is made by a master ceramist who hand-makes each unit, layering over each detail. The material is also different.  As a result, the production and final placement of lab made units take is longer. Dr Aleem’s artistic eye and wealth of experience means that even your Cerec crown is made so it maximises the similarities with the rest of your teeth. Yet, when it comes to front teeth, in most cases it is better to have a lab made crown for aesthetic purposes. Normally back teeth are the ones that are more suitable for a cerec restoration. It is still case dependant, you would need to see Dr Aleem and you can make your own choice. Besides, you might have an emergency, event to attend to and same day cerec restoration might better, if you wish to upgrade you can then have a lab made unit later. In some instances, both options are proposed and the patient can decide whichever they prefer. Just like David below who wanted a fast restoration because his front teeth did not look aesthetically pleasing after the accident he had. To find out more about our lab made crowns, click here or contact us.

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What our patients say

Finally my teeth are completed and I am so so happy with the result.
Dr Aleem really is amazing and so genuine.
I remember my first appointment with him and walking away feeling so pleased and felt I trusted him to do the work. I was still sensible and went to a few other dentists for their opinion but I was even more certain that I wanted to stick with Dr Aleem after feeling other dentists see you with a dollar sign. Dr Aleem takes his time to know you and your story as well as what you want.

All the team at TKC have been lovely.
Joelle Martin- Google Review

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