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Root canal treatment of endodontic treatment is usually recommended when the root of the tooth becomes infected. This infection can spread to the nerves which carry the blood supply in the tooth. If the nerves become infected they will die and in turn so will the tooth. Once there is no blood supply to the tooth, it is at more risk of infection. The early stages of root problems tend to go unnoticed but once the problem is pronounced, it manifests itself in the form of painful abscesses and in some cases severe discomfort.

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Who may need root canal treatment?

  • Anyone who is experiencing pain or any discomfort in the pulp (the soft tissue of the tooth) may require a root canal treatment. If the pulp, which is made of nerves, blood vessels and tissues, is damaged you will need root canal treatment. Often patients are referred to our practice and are already aware of an existent root canal issue. There are various symptoms linked to potential root canal complications, such as: continuous sensitivity to hot and cold or/and pain when chewing and biting.
Endodontic Root Canal Treatment at The Knightsbridge Clinic

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Why patients choose TKC?

TKC has got the latest equipment to provide patients with the best treatment options, including: Microscope and Waterlase laser system. In simple terms, a root canal treatment is a way to save the tooth. It is crucial that the treatment is performed on time, by experienced dentist who uses the latest technology to clean out the dead nerves and the infection in the root. The appointment time can vary depending on your case, normally it takes 2 hours. We provide our patients with local anesthetics to ensure the treatment does not cause you pain. For nervous patients, we also provide sedation. Our dentists are highly experienced and will ensure you are kept informed and calm during the procedure. Depending on your case the weakened tooth can be strengthened with the placement of a same day Cerec crown or/and a California-made Porcelain crown/veneer.

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