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Experience a fully customised treatment journey in our private dental clinic. Investing in yourself and your smile is an important step for anyone to take. We appreciate that and are here to give you a natural and healthy smile. We not only offer cutting-edge dentistry but also price points, finance options and membership plans to suit patients’ different needs. Each treatment plan is tailored to each patient’s case. Each one of you is unique and only after your initial consultation, treatment fees can be quoted. Our unique and non-invasive approach makes us one of the very few and often the only ones in the UK to provide a variety of dental treatments. TKC is delighted to have a large loyal customer base. We will continue to offer the latest in dentistry but equally so give TKC patients an experience they truly enjoy!  As soon as you become TKC patient you will be enrolled in a variety of loyal patient rewards.  We look forward to seeing you!
  1. In house payment plan: The total treatment fee can be split into 4 payments. The first is 50% of the total fee, and the remainder is split equally in 3 consecutive payments. The timing of payment will be arranged with you as per your treatment plan coordinator. (treatment dependant, enquire within)
  2. If you are a member of either personal or corporate plan you get a fixed complimentary discount depending on your plan of choice.
  3. If the treatment fees are settled in full prior to the start of treatment you will be rewarded with a discount- (only for plans over £2500). This discount does not apply to specialist periodontics treatment/s.
  4. 0% Finance for 6, 10 and 12 months. 9.9% APR for finance plans 12-36 months(35% upfront treatment fee required). To calculate your rate, please use the finance buttons in the price list below or contact us and we will check for you.

Finance options are available to each patient with a treatment plan of over £1000. Finance options are more thoroughly discussed with your treatment coordinator post your first consultation upon which we will know the fee and treatment required. In this way we can find the best options to suit you.

Insurance: We accept insurance and will assist you with documentation. Please, speak to your private insurance provider prior to arranging your financial terms with the clinic.

Before commencing a treatment, initial thorough consultation is required.

  1. New Patient Consultation: Includes Full Clinical Assessment and x-rays; approx. length 1 hour.
  2. Existing Patient Consultation; approx. length 30 minutes.

Consultation Fees: All consultation fees are paid on booking. Full or a deposit payment is required.

Treatment Fees: All treatment fees are either paid in full or a deposit payment is put towards the next treatment appointment.

The Knightsbridge Clinic reserves the right to refuse booking an appointment if fees are not paid as per the scheduled time.

All chargeable assessments and treatment appointments are subject to our short notice cancellation policy. Please note due to the current circumstances our cancellation policy requires 72 hours’ notice (3 working days) for all cancelled and rescheduled appointments. Cancellations and rescheduling of appointments on Friday for appointments the following Monday, during the weekend and during bank holidays must be notified within 3 working days. We are putting additional effort in organising our diary and we kindly ask you to help us maintain it by coming to your appointment on time or letting us know about changes to your appointment in advance. All appointments cancelled in less than 72 hours(3 working days) are subject to £1 charge per booked appointment minute. Failure to attend same day appointments will be subject to the same charges. If you are running late please let us know as soon as possible, if you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may be subject to cancellation, and you will be charged a cancellation fee.

The Knightsbridge Clinic reserves the right to refuse booking an appointment if patient repeatedly misses an appointment, cancels last minute or does not cover the cancellation fees on time.

We accept all major card providers. We also accept BACS payments. Payments are taken over the phone, in person, or via a virtual payment link.

To book your consultation, please call us on: 0203 978 8824 or fill the form here
Treatment  Price Finance
General New assessment
Includes: Oral Cancer visual screening, Checks of Teeth and Gums,
Soft tissue check of cheeks, lips, tongue, palate, Bite and Jaw joint,
X-rays and Treatment plan
Routine £35.00
Small x-ray £10.00
Large x-ray (OPG) £45.00
CT scan (per arch) £100
Basic Treatments
Small filling from £150.00
Medium filling from £200.00
Large filling from £300.00
Extractions simple £175.00
Extractions complex £250.00
Extraction upper wisdom tooth from £375.00
Extraction lower wisdom tooth from £500.00
Tooth contouring (per tooth) £100.00
Teeth Whitening
Home Teeth Whitening Kit £360.00
In-house & home kit teeth whitening £675.00
Whitening Gel Refills (16%) £150.00
Root Treatment
RCT Consulation (Deductible if treatment is taken) £80.00
Extirpation with dentist- deductible from Specialist treatment £150.00
Investigation £150-200
Incisor, canine or premolar £600.00
Molar £750.00
Re-endo +£100 on top of RCT cost +£100
Specialist referral POA
Gum contouring with Waterlase laser
Laser contouring per arch £400
Laser & bone removal and laser contouring per arch £1500
Oral Sedation from £150
Intravenous Sedation(per hour) from £250
Bruxism/Teeth Grinding frm £330
Treatment  Price Finance
Hygiene with hygienist
New Patient Scale and Polish £95.00
Existing Patient Scale and Polish £75.00
New Patient Scale and Polish 1 hour £165.00
Existing Patient Scale and Polish 1 hour £140.00
New Patient Scale and Polish,and Stain Removal (Airflow) £130.00
Existing Patient Scale and Polish,and Stain Removal (Airflow) £100.00
New Patient Scale and Polish,Stain Removal (Airflow) 1 hour £200.00
Existing Patient Scale and Polish,Stain Removal (Airflow) 1 hour £165.00
Treatment  Price Finance
Periodontics by specialist Periodontist
Periodontist consultation £190.00
Periodontist reassessment £145.00
Non-Surgical from £650.00
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy from £650.00
Adjunctive Waterlase Laser therapy (per sessions) from £325.00
Frenectomy from £500.00
Periodontal surgery from £1500.00
Periodontal plastic surgery from £1500.00
Pinhole technique from £1500.00
Crown Lengthening from £1500.00
Treatment  Price Finance
Crowns & Veneers
Porcelain Veneer/Crown

hand-made by a Master Ceramist in California

Express Smile Design

10 units. Bespoke and hand-made.

from £15,000  
Express Smile Design

20 units. Bespoke and hand-made.

Every additional unit is charged at £1200 each

from £27,000  
Digital Smile Simulation

See how your smile will look with veneers before you have even started

The fee is deducted once patient proceeds with treatment

from £200
Same Day Cerec Sirona Crown from £1000  
Bridge (up to 3 teeth- per tooth) from £1000
Bridge (more than 3 teeth- per tooth) from £920
Articulation of study casts £150
Direct/ composite veneers/ bonding (same day) from £300.00
Treatment Price Finance
Implant placement and Porcelain crown £2,500
Straumann Roxolid Implant and Porcelain crown £2,600
Sweden and Martina Implant and Porcelain crown £2,600
Zirconia Implant and Porcelain crown £3,000
Implant Placement and Composite crown £2,000
Implant crown Replacement/Porcelain £1,000
Implant Crown Replacement/Porcelain, hand-made by a Master Ceramist in California £1,200
Implant crown replacement/Composite £800
Full set of teeth on implants per arch/All-on-4, All-on-6/ from £15,000
Treatment Price Finance
Single arch (labial Fixed) from £2,200
Dual arch (labial Fixed) from £4,200
Single arch (lingual Fixed) from £3,200
Dual arches (lingual fixed) from £6,200
Invisalign (Single Arch) – I7 from £1,800
Invisalign (Both Arches) – I7 from £2,750
Invisalign Lite (single arch) from £2,500
Invisalign Lite (dual arch) from £3,500
Invisalign Full (dual arch only) from £3,950
Teen Ortho Consultation £35
Teen Braces (dual arch labial) from £3,450
Teen Invisalign Full (dual arch only) from £3,450
Fixed and removable retainer (per arch) £400.00
Removable retainer replacement (each) £150.00
Fixed retainer replacement (each) £250.00
Vivera retainers (single arch)  £400.00
Vivera retainers (dual arch)  £600.00
Itero Scan (refunded at start of treamtent)  £150.00